Quick Project: Set up a non-profit Christmas Present!

For the last few years, a good friend of mine and her partner have been creating “warm” packages – including mitts, toque, socks, a poncho etc – and handing them out to those in need around Vancouver. I think it’s a great cause, and have handed out a few of these packages myself.


But they don’t have a website! So I realized maybe I can set this up for them as a Christmas surprise? I had one night to set it up, and was curious if I could get it done in time to surprise her on Christmas Eve, the next day.

Step one: Domain Name and DNS

I registered “warmingthehomeless.com” on dyn, and DNS services, for a year. My DNS of choice – a bit pricier perhaps, but it’s very well set up. I could only find a 10% discount code! If you hunt around you can usually find 15 or 20% off.

Step two: Set up an actual site

I chose WordPress because some of the free templates are pretty good (in my opinion), it’s relatively inexpensive ($47 for a year at the “personal” plan level), and it very easy to use for updating content.

Step three: Email Addresses

One thing the WordPress personal plan gets you is email forwarding, so I set up a few different email alias’ @warmingthehomeless.com, that they can use to look a bit more professional if they need to.

Step Four: Make it Pretty

Then I spent three hours trying to make the site look pretty. It needs a lot of work yet, but I’ll leave all the ideas of how it should look to her. Hopefully she likes it! Check it out:


If you’ve got a dollar to spare, I highly recommend donating to these people. 100% goes towards warming up those that need it. By the time you read this, we should have a donation button set up.

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