I passed! And this terms class: Social Implications – Computerized Society

I suppose first I should mention the LPI Linux Essentials Certification Exam went well! I passed on my first try, so I’m happy with the result. Now I’m actually looking at what I should work towards next. Ultimately I’d like to get my Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator Certification, but I think it would be a good idea to tackle something a bit more intermediate. LPIC-1 perhaps.


I’m also finishing up my Computer Science Degree part time, and this term I’m taking “Social Implications – Computerized Society”, which I’ve been enjoying so far. Midterm this week! So far the concepts covered include:

  • Introduction to Ethics
  • Privacy and Technology
  • Networked Communications
  • Intellectual Property

It’s a topic a somewhat enjoy and the professor is also very engaging – I always appreciate that. I’ve taken a few ethics courses that I’ve enjoyed already, and I’m enjoying applying the concepts I’ve learned already to technology. This is an evening class, so the timing works great with my schedule. I typically leave work a bit early on that night, I think I’m really lucky the company I work for is very supportive of me finishing my degree!

Another task for this week is taking some time to set up this website properly. I’m looking forward to that also. But for now, back to studying for this midterm!

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