Defragmenting / Intensifying Focus

I have to blame LinkedIn Learning for this post. This week I stumbled across LinkedIn learning for the first time: (if you haven’t yet, check it out!)

Why yes, I would like to learn more about vSphere fundementals! I would like a refresher on Networking Protocols and CLI tools… CISSP cert prep? Sure! Huh, Systems Administration learning sessions? Great!


I kid, of course. Their slogan is “Let’s Learn Something New Today”. The mere idea appeals to me, and I suspect I must be the exact demographic they create their content for.

At first I was going to title this post “Staying Focused”, but that didn’t quite express this idea clearly enough. I can focus well on the task at hand, and in fact my ability to focus like this improves as my career progresses. The ability to tune out the bee-hive around you in a useful skill. This is one definition of staying focused.

Also, though, there is a more “total view focus”. For example, I put in extra hours at work, tackle extra projects and make a point to learning any new technology that I come into contact with. But, I’m also studying part time at SFU. But I’m also working on my next Linux certification. And I’ve started writing electronic music. I’m trying to keep up with my running and working out. And I’ve been more and more interested in computer security, networking and network administration… And I’ve been building new computer systems in my spare time and learning photography, and I’m planning for my wedding this summer… Not to mention I’ve started this blog!

*gasps for air* OK, that’s a lot of stuff! And as much as I hate to admit it, it might just be too much.

My appetite for learning right now is voracious. I feel like my time is limited, and I can’t waste a minute being unproductive. And I’m constantly interested in learning more.

However, constantly switching being vastly different topics can lead to a fragmented feeling. There is unfortunately a limit to how much I can take in at one time. And so, it seems it’s better to evaluate which topics I’m currently working on, and “trim the fat”.

So, I’ve written out my list, assigned priority for each item, and removed a few. (for the moment) And I now have a few more cycles to focus more intensely on the priorities.

A useful exercise!


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