About Me

Who am I and why would you bother listening to me? Honestly, I have a hard time writing about myself. I’m human and I have an ego! Why would I want to look stupid by exposing my poor writing to the internet? Why would you want to put anything on the internet anyway? I don’t want to sound like some gym know-it-all. The world has way too many of those guys already.

But… I am in love with exercise, and I have been for 27 years now. I want to become a better writer, and I want to continue to share my experiences. Hopefully my experience can be of use to someone.

So yup, 27 years ago I picked up my first barbell. It was with my Dad before school in 1991. We only stuck with it for about a week, and Dad dropped off (hey, was a busy guy and it was wayyy to early in the morning) but I kept going. And going, and going. Off and on, trying one thing or another, reading everything I could and learning from anyone who would teach me.

And I did it without a speck of athletic ability. I was skinnnny. I just didn’t have the bone structure to produce power, and gaining muscle did not come easily! But it did come. Despite 20 years of Karate (trained from age 6 to age 26), I had little coordination and never played any other sports. I could barely catch or throw any kind of object (and still can’t!) In high school, as I started to get noticed for being stronger, I went to a few wrestling practices, but that was the extent of my early experiences. I ultimately because a personal trainer and trained maybe a hundred people over the years.

I did rack up more experience points along the way, spending a few years powerlifting here and there. I trained with the Niagara Powerlifting Club, which is where I first learned to squat, bench and deadlift correctly, and I started to learn what it meant to work hard. More recently I trained for a year with Port Kells Barbell, another powerlifting club, and worked with the best coach I’ve ever met, Ryan Matthews. (this was where I learned to really work hard) I could devote entire articles to what I learned from him, and I intend to do that!

My best lefts were not amazing – I pulled off a 495 pound deadlift in the gym (473 in competition) a 415 pound squat, and a 335 pound shirted bench. (275 raw) Later though, I would realize that powerlifting simply wasn’t my sport, but I could apply that strength to other things. Powerlifting wasn’t my sport, but it made me a better athlete, and gave me a foundation to start to build on.

I’ve learned a lot along the way, and it seems I’m always teaching somebody something, and I really enjoy sharing and empowering people to reach their goals. I don’t just believe in exercise for strength and fitness, but overall well being and health. The fact that you look good naked always remains a pretty nice bonus.

In 2012 I started getting into running, and this is where I realized I did have some athletic potential. It turns out the narrow frame that made powerlifting so difficult for me were perfect for running. Just this last year I really started to get faster, and I racked up a few decent 10k’s (for an old man) this last year, peaking in October and November for a few races. After my last race, I was nursing a slight knee injury, so I got back into the gym for lack of other ways to improve until my knee healed, and suddenly the iron bug hit me again. Then I was back at the weights again twice a day, 6 days a week.

Which brings us to the present. I’m reasonably sure I’m the oldest guy that’s ever been on the SFU rowing team. I actually take a lot of pride in this, as it took a lot of training throughout my life just to attempt tryouts. My fear was I would simply be outclassed athletically, and not only would I not make the cut, if I did it would not be an enjoyable experience. But I sucked it up and tried out anyway, and I was very surprised to see that I was putting up erg numbers that actually beat many of the other guys that were there. My first 2k erg test was just this Monday – I don’t have the form yet, and ultimately I’m too short and too old for rowing – but I put up a 7:04 on my first try. That shows a bit of potential, possibly.

Being on the rowing team been really enjoyable experience so far – the coaches are great, and everyone on the team is encouraging and works really hard. And nobody seems to mind that I’m twice their age. Few people get a second chance to do something like this, and I feel blessed that I have the opportunity.

So there you go. That’s who I am, the guy that’s in love with all forms of training. The ex-karate, ex-personal trainer, ex-powerlifter, ex-runner, ex-bodybulder, oldest guy on the rowing team, happy to help you out guy in the gym who has certainly been there and done that.

So basically what I’m saying is, if you want to be strong, mobile, healthy, or just look good naked, I can help you with that. If you have any questions feel free to send me an email!

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