Defragmenting / Intensifying Focus

I have to blame LinkedIn Learning for this post. This week I stumbled across LinkedIn learning for the first time: (if you haven’t yet, check it out!)

Why yes, I would like to learn more about vSphere fundementals! I would like a refresher on Networking Protocols and CLI tools… CISSP cert prep? Sure! Huh, Systems Administration learning sessions? Great!


I kid, of course. Their slogan is “Let’s Learn Something New Today”. The mere idea appeals to me, and I suspect I must be the exact demographic they create their content for.

At first I was going to title this post “Staying Focused”, but that didn’t quite express this idea clearly enough. I can focus well on the task at hand, and in fact my ability to focus like this improves as my career progresses. The ability to tune out the bee-hive around you in a useful skill. This is one definition of staying focused.

Also, though, there is a more “total view focus”. For example, I put in extra hours at work, tackle extra projects and make a point to learning any new technology that I come into contact with. But, I’m also studying part time at SFU. But I’m also working on my next Linux certification. And I’ve started writing electronic music. I’m trying to keep up with my running and working out. And I’ve been more and more interested in computer security, networking and network administration… And I’ve been building new computer systems in my spare time and learning photography, and I’m planning for my wedding this summer… Not to mention I’ve started this blog!

*gasps for air* OK, that’s a lot of stuff! And as much as I hate to admit it, it might just be too much.

My appetite for learning right now is voracious. I feel like my time is limited, and I can’t waste a minute being unproductive. And I’m constantly interested in learning more.

However, constantly switching being vastly different topics can lead to a fragmented feeling. There is unfortunately a limit to how much I can take in at one time. And so, it seems it’s better to evaluate which topics I’m currently working on, and “trim the fat”.

So, I’ve written out my list, assigned priority for each item, and removed a few. (for the moment) And I now have a few more cycles to focus more intensely on the priorities.

A useful exercise!


I passed! And this terms class: Social Implications – Computerized Society

I suppose first I should mention the LPI Linux Essentials Certification Exam went well! I passed on my first try, so I’m happy with the result. Now I’m actually looking at what I should work towards next. Ultimately I’d like to get my Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator Certification, but I think it would be a good idea to tackle something a bit more intermediate. LPIC-1 perhaps.


I’m also finishing up my Computer Science Degree part time, and this term I’m taking “Social Implications – Computerized Society”, which I’ve been enjoying so far. Midterm this week! So far the concepts covered include:

  • Introduction to Ethics
  • Privacy and Technology
  • Networked Communications
  • Intellectual Property

It’s a topic a somewhat enjoy and the professor is also very engaging – I always appreciate that. I’ve taken a few ethics courses that I’ve enjoyed already, and I’m enjoying applying the concepts I’ve learned already to technology. This is an evening class, so the timing works great with my schedule. I typically leave work a bit early on that night, I think I’m really lucky the company I work for is very supportive of me finishing my degree!

Another task for this week is taking some time to set up this website properly. I’m looking forward to that also. But for now, back to studying for this midterm!

Studying for the LPI Linux Essentials Certification Exam

My resolution for this new year is to stay more focused. Focus! I have a lot of projects on the go outside of work, and they all need to get completed. They all will get completed! Finishing up this site is one of those things… I’ve actually been spending the majority of my time preparing for a laptop build that I’m pretty excited about. More details coming soon!

On this coming Friday I am taking the LPI Linux Essentials Certification exam, and though I’ve been studying for this for a month, I’m not quite ready yet. So this will remain my focus for the rest of the week.

Penguin = Linux ,right?

The studying has been going well, and things are really starting to click. So this has been well worth the effort. Of course, the Essentials Cert is just the beginning, but you have to start somewhere! I set an aggressive exam date and paid for it, to help keep me focused. It might have been too aggressive, but we’ll find out on Friday.

I’ve used to help keep me on track. They provide a good service, and if you need help focusing your study and staying organized, I don’t think you’ll find anything better on the net. They teach a lot more than Linux basics, and if you’re looking to level up your skills, I highly recommend them!



Quick Project: Set up a non-profit Christmas Present!

For the last few years, a good friend of mine and her partner have been creating “warm” packages – including mitts, toque, socks, a poncho etc – and handing them out to those in need around Vancouver. I think it’s a great cause, and have handed out a few of these packages myself.


But they don’t have a website! So I realized maybe I can set this up for them as a Christmas surprise? I had one night to set it up, and was curious if I could get it done in time to surprise her on Christmas Eve, the next day.

Step one: Domain Name and DNS

I registered “” on dyn, and DNS services, for a year. My DNS of choice – a bit pricier perhaps, but it’s very well set up. I could only find a 10% discount code! If you hunt around you can usually find 15 or 20% off.

Step two: Set up an actual site

I chose WordPress because some of the free templates are pretty good (in my opinion), it’s relatively inexpensive ($47 for a year at the “personal” plan level), and it very easy to use for updating content.

Step three: Email Addresses

One thing the WordPress personal plan gets you is email forwarding, so I set up a few different email alias’, that they can use to look a bit more professional if they need to.

Step Four: Make it Pretty

Then I spent three hours trying to make the site look pretty. It needs a lot of work yet, but I’ll leave all the ideas of how it should look to her. Hopefully she likes it! Check it out:

If you’ve got a dollar to spare, I highly recommend donating to these people. 100% goes towards warming up those that need it. By the time you read this, we should have a donation button set up.